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Introducing SandyBoy

SandyBoy has a wonderful home at Mountain Laurel Farm. He’s happy and enjoys each day with his owner, Jamie.  However, one day everything changed!

Due to a family health issue, SandyBoy was sold to a new owner, where he had to adjust to a brand new homelife. Nervous about what it would look  like, and if he would make new friends, he chooses to look for the good.

Take the journey with SandyBoy as he learns many lessons and meets new animal friends and his new owner, Mia, in his new home at Seaview Farm.

Reading’s a ride:

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About our book star

SandyBoy Facts

He is a gentle palomino quarter horse

He is 25 years old

His favorite pastime is grazing in his paddock by the ocean with his friends

What is that he is doing? Nuzzling my pocket for a treat!

His favorite treats are apples, carrots, and horse biscuits

He has an inquisitive and charming personality

Everyone loves to take Sandy on a beach ride

Sandy enjoys his trail rides through the pastures as long as he can take breaks and eat grass!

Book Illustrator

Judy Gaudet studied technical and medical illustration hoping to combine her career in microbiology with her lifelong love of art. Judy lives in southern Maine where she finds inspiration for her work in the landscapes, wildlife and historic sites that surround her home.

SandyBoy and His New Home


SandyBoy and His New Home…

Story snippets

Leaving home

SandyBoy has to leave where he has been living due to illness in the family and is sad to leave.

There will be new friends

But SandyBoy is also excited and nervous about his new home and making new friends.

Introduction to his new home

Together they explore the barn, pastures, and beach.

SandyBoy and The Christmas Blizzard


SandyBoy and the Christmas Blizzard…

Story snippets

SandyBoy with snow starting

SandyBoy feels the snowflakes starting but does not realize that a blizzard is on the way to Oceanview Farm.

Mia, Sandy's Owner

Mia is bringing the horses special treats and has decorated the barn. However, SandyBoy is puzzled by what she is doing.
SandyBoy and The Christmas Blizzard


SandyBoy and His New Home…

Story snippets

Seeing HIs Friend

SandyBoy notices that his friend, Tree, looks sad!

SandyBoy is Worried About Tree

He wonders what he can do to help his friend!

Tree is Believing in His Life

SandyBoy iis happy he could make a difference in Tree’s life!

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