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Cindi Flow, Ed.D.

Cindi’s love of animals began as a young girl with her first pets.  Her best friend had a horse which they both rode and that instilled an early love of horses.  However, once a grownup, career, marriage and parenting were the primary focuses of her life.  Horses and reading were her passion.  

Cindi and SandyBoy read

Reading stories about horses inspired her dream of one day having a horse of her own. When she turned seventy years old, that dream became a reality. Cindi and her husband live in Maine with her dream horse, SandyBoy, a handsome Palomino gelding with a great heart who loves riding on the beach!

Cindi Flow has always enjoyed sharing the joy of life with everyone she meets. Her career as a lifelong educator spanned years of teaching in public schools and colleges as well as an educational administrator.

Cindi finished her professional career in the field of educational technology in the corporate world as the internet and interactive learning were evolving.

SandyBoy and Cindi are now focused on sharing the adventures of a horse friendship with children around the world.  SandyBoy will inspire children to overcome obstacles in their lives and build their own dreams.

It’s a horsey life

Flow Facts

Cindi first became interested in horses when she showed sheep at fairs as a young girl

Cindi was the oldest of five children and the only girl… so became a tomboy

Cindi first learned to ride a horse bareback

Cindi loved sports and played field hockey and basketball during all her high school and college years

Dusty was Cindi’s best friend’s horse and Cindi so much wanted her own. With five children, her Dad could not afford to buy and feed a horse, and Cindi’s dream of her future horse was born

Did you know that she coached high school sports in Massachusetts?

Did you know Cindi competed in her first horse show with her SandyBoy when she was 71?



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