Let’s Be Thankful!

Nov 10, 2022Draft

Thanksgiving is A Time To Treasure! All the senses are tantalized by The promise of Wonderful Foods and Sharing with others!

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday for gathering together and celebrating our blessings. Whether near or far, we can reach out to family and friends and thank them for being a special part of our lives!

  As America has evolved, the various cultures that have become part of nation bring a variety of celebratory Thanksgiving gatherings.  Foods served may differ but the anticipation of sharing the special treats within our cultures brings smiles! As citizens of this great country, where many still want to come to reside, we care for one another! For this special day, we put aside the negativity that can surround us and open our sharing spirits!

Horses at the barn seem to know that they too may share in extra dinner treats!  An extra large apple and carrot and perhaps a peppermint for dessert hits the spot! Being thankful for these precious animals brings a warm fuzzy feeling to my heart.  The Lord provides so many wonderful things to us!  Every day we should be thankful for our blessings and not take them for granted!

  SandyBoy enjoys his friends and easily shares his morning hay with Buster and Mickey in their pasture.  He is thankful for his home and his extended family! He hopes everyone enjoys their special day of celebration with their loved ones!

 Book Launch Party Was a Great Success!

Many thanks to the Texas Sisters Press Children’s Authors for participating in the book launch party!!  Having the support of other authors means so much to SandyBoy and me!  His adventure stories are designed to bring life messages from the horse to children!  The encouragement for our stories helps send great messages to potential readers!  The publisher, Texas Sisters Press, deserves a big shout out for hosting the event!!!

Enjoy the replay of the book launch.


Liam enjoys SandyBoy!

“I love that SandyBoy makes me feel like I’m in the book. SandyBoy is real and that makes me want to read more about his life!” – Liam, April 2022

Check out my exciting ThinkFives lesson!

Children can learn many things about and from horses. Go to ThinkFives.com and see how stories like SandyBoy’s adventures are great resources for parents and teachers.  Many life lessons can come from reading!
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