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Jan 23, 2022Journal

Happy New Year!

As another year moves forward, we need to focus on making more positive experiences for ourselves, those we love, and our communities. 

There will always be challenges, but with optimism and faith in others, it can be a great year of adventures and successes! Here in the northeast, the winter weather beckons us both to stay warm and cozy by the fire as well as enjoy both the beauty of the season and the outdoor fun!

It is important to note that no snowflake ever fell in the wrong place! Winter horse owners realize that it is important for horses to be outside for fresh air, playful exercise as well as their mental health. Staying inside is not good for the soul of a horse nor the soul of an owner! Snow is welcomed but not ice. Moving horses across icy patches is dicey for both horse and owner. Making sure to have ice cleats on our boots makes it safer to navigate around the barn and pasture during the winter months.

Sandy Boy and His New Home - Cover
Ducks battling an icy life

My SandyBoy is happy to have a winter vacation of relaxation with his buddies in the pasture and warm water and hay in his stall for pleasant evenings. We enjoy walks when the temperature is above freezing and he looks for wisps of grass poking up from the snow. As we mosey up the hill close to his paddock we can see the ocean with rolling winter waves from the high winds we have had.

We are both happy not to be riding the beach during the winter cold. The seasons remind us of the cycle of life in general and that there is beauty and happiness to be had in each one. As I watch the snowflakes fall and observe the flock of various birds on and around the bird feeders, I am reminded that there is one who has created all of nature.

Wherever you are, there are signs of winter changes… although perhaps not as evident as here in Maine! Take some solstice time for your spirit to reflect on the blessings of life and be grateful for the possibilities that unfold for you each day!!

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