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Sometimes, it is difficult to be grateful when stress, disillusionment, and unhappiness seem to be everywhere. So where to turn for some sanity, peace and joy? To a horse of course!

Welcome to the barn party – where the horses neigh when you enter the barn and those happy noises make you feel so special and the issues of the day disappear!  Although I have not always owned a horse, they have had a presence in my life since childhood. This is the season to recall the blessings horses and all pets bring to all of us with their unconditional love!!  They seem to understand us when the humans around us do not and seek to provide comfort. Sometimes the comfort is pretty hilarious when SandyBoy insists there must be more treats in a pocket and keeps on nuzzling whomever is closest to him.  And good ole Moxie carrying her stuffed moose from room to room and tossing him high in the air with no thought of harm! Then there are the quiet times when just hanging out together is all each of us needs and a simple touch between us communicates trust and love. 

As the holidays approach, let us not be “nay” sayers but “neigh” sayers and embrace the blessings of family, friends and country! Reach out and create your own barn party wherever you live!!

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