An Indian Summer

Aug 30, 2021Journal

After a long, balmy summer, it’s back to school…

Changes are all around us as children, teachers and parents have restarted the new school year… maybe a still very different one. Everyone is hoping for the best and seeking all the positives of a new school year.  SandyBoy’s book presents children with events that they encounter in new places with new friends and new situations.  Children are not immune to the tensions that surround them… Covid 19, race, violence, fear.

 – As a community, we need to pull together and protect one another from negativity, especially our children and other vulnerable folks. Being positive and modeling safe behaviors in our interactions helps everyone maintain a healthy and productive life! Horses are great examples of taking care of each other in dangerous situations like fires and floods and they wait on each other as they run from a fire or onto higher ground to avoid floods. Examples of this behavior has been seen in the terrible wildfires in California horse country. Even SandyBoy wants to help!

On beach rides, the lead horse (Mija) looks behind her to make sure all the horses are following her… she especially watches for SandyBoy as he takes up the rear. SandyBoy wants to help children through these difficult times and models wearing a mask. His story helps children through times of worry and insecurity.

WE are community and need to respect each other and do our best to keep everyone safe from all viruses.

As summer passes, waves of nostalgia are felt as we savor the return of the season’s events with fun in the sun and on the beaches with a lessening of Covid cases.

Back to school is still not completely normal with masks in classrooms still a part of everyday school life for many. As a community, we all need to pull together to use our best judgement for protecting ourselves, those we love and those around us from the spreading Delta variant. In addition, the floods and fires have added to the trauma of everyday life for many.

Plus now the Indian Summer is here as the very warm days of summer have definitely moved on following the first frost of the season. 

Mornings are cooler and the sounds of insects diminishing as autumn approaches in Maine. Harvest season brings a variety of pumpkins and gourds for our fall decor. Everywhere here in Maine there is a golden hue to all the vegetation. Early fall brings crisp apples for the picking and the apple orchards are inviting people to pick their own from a wide variety of apples. Fresh apple pie is so yummy! SandyBoy would eat a barrel of apples in one afternoon. However, horses can become slightly tipsy!! So, apples are a treat and given to horses judiciously.

The last of the hay has been cut and stored for winter. The ocean leaves reminders of the summer visitors on the beaches. When the horses are turned out in the mornings, the cooler mornings are enjoyed by them as they kick up their heels, play with each other and enjoy the crisp weather and freedom from the pesky flies of summer!

After Labor Day, horses are once again allowed on the beach and beach rides are awesome! We watch the tide charts closely as low tide is the best for the horses with the hard sand left behind by the waves.

Have you met SandyBoy yet?

Take the journey with SandyBoy as he learns many lessons and meets new animal friends and his new owner, Mia, in his new home at Seaview Farm.

Sandy Boy and His New Home - Cover


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An Indian Summer

After a long, balmy summer, it's back to school... Changes are all around us as children, teachers and parents have restarted the new school year… maybe a still very different one. Everyone is...

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