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May 31, 2021Updates

Unique relationship

I have always believed that a relationship with a horse is unique.  People find it hard to believe that a horse has so many emotions and expresses those feelings in many ways.  My SandyBoy is a gentle soul and recognizes facial expressions and feelings on people.  He knows when I am happy and when I am a little down about something.  He is a ‘happy place’ for me.

SandyBoy communicates in various ways.  His ears show his current interest in his surroundings… forward, what’s out there?, backward, a little anxious or fearful.  He puts his head outside his stall and keeps looking to see if there are treats coming. A soft nuzzle looking for treats always brings a smile to my face. 

He waits until he has had his supper before he decides to eat the fresh hay in his stall.  However, he does get impatient and kicks his stall door if supper is not on his timeline!!

Horses are loyal to their owners and miss people in their lives when change occurs. Most horses love children and are careful when a child approaches them.  Horses also bond with other horses in their environment as they are herd animals. 

Although SandyBoy is a good boy when we are riding or taking a walk, he always looks forward to being back with his buddies. And sometimes, he calls out for them in the riding ring as if to say, “I miss you, but will be back soon”!

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