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Another heartwarming adventure with a special horse is coming soon…

The second story in the series ‘SandyBoy and the Christmas Blizzard’, in which SandyBoy finds himself in a snowstorm that builds into a blizzard with lots of snow and wind at Oceanview Farm. He shares his worries about his owner and his forest friends as the storm worsens. SandyBoy is puzzled by what his owner, Mia, has done inside the barn with trees that he usually sees outside in the fields and woods around the farm. He hopes to solve the mystery.

Join SandyBoy as he experiences the blizzard, solves the mystery and learns for the first time, the meaning of Christmas for everyone!


Dale the Barn Cat

Featuring Sandyboy and friends

Dale the Barn Cat

Dale the Barn Cat

…is an amazing mouse hunter!


…SandyBoy’s pasture buddy by the sea


watching squirrels and chipmunks preparing their winter food stash in the backyard!

Reading’s a ride! Bringing adventures to life one at a time.


Cindi Flow | Author

Author Cindi Flow has always enjoyed sharing the joy of life with everyone she meets. She enjoyed a long career as an educator teaching in public schools and colleges as well as working with educational technology companies. She combines her education background with her love of life and her horse, SandyBoy, to create wonderful children’s books.

“Friendship isn’t about whom you have known the longest. It is about who came, and never left your side.”

Welcome Introduction

Welcome to our first update... SandyBoy is getting excited about sharing his first adventure story. The publisher has the story and artwork so it won’t be long now!! This 'getting ready' newsletter resembles Pete at the farm cutting and baling the summer hay in...

My Special Horse

Unique relationship I have always believed that a relationship with a horse is unique.  People find it hard to believe that a horse has so many emotions and expresses those feelings in many ways.  My SandyBoy is a gentle soul and recognizes facial expressions and...

And The Summer Rolls On

Fun on the farm Summer on a farm with the great weather and horseback riding is wonderful! However, it is also time to prepare for the winter months here in Maine!  Cutting and baling the fresh hay brings the awesome smell of newly cut grass.  Bringing it in from the...

‘SandyBoy and His New Home’ Book Launched

So excited to announce that SandyBoy’s first story 'SandyBoy and His New Home' is now published!! There was a wonderful online book launch sponsored by the publishers, Texas Sisters Press, on July 15th, 2021.For those of you unable to attend my cover reveal with C.J....

An Indian Summer

After a long, balmy summer, it's back to school... Changes are all around us as children, teachers and parents have restarted the new school year… maybe a still very different one. Everyone is hoping for the best and seeking all the positives of a new school year. ...

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